Chokra @ Abrons Arts Center (10/24/13)

October 30, 2013

I met Chokra while I was working for MoMA PS1 as their event photographer. He’s easily one of the most interesting performers I saw while working there. Chokra asked me to take photos last week and I suggested using strobes to freeze the action. We both took a creative risk and I’m very happy with the results.

Technical Info

I had four strobes lined up against one of the walls facing in the same direction. To control the spread of light I placed 30° spot grids on the outer two strobes, and the middle two had 40° grids. My Einstein E640 heads were set to 37.3W. My camera was set to 1/250th @ f/5.0 @ ISO 100 on my 28mm f/1.8 to expose for the strobes and block ambient light. I dragged the shutter to blend in ambient light while varying the aperture to adjust for Chokra’s proximity to the lights. I covered the strobe heads in plastic bags so his powder/dye/spice combo didn’t get into the lights. He taught me the secret to instantly removing it from my clothes and gear: use Swiffer duster refills!

  1. Dashney
    at November 29, 2013

    That looked fun as shit. The world has enough boring band shots. I hope your lens (I’m going to assume you didn’t change any mid shoot, haha) fared okay. I hear people shooting the colour run have nightmares getting the powders out. Good on ya for taking the chance to create something spectacular.


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